Kim Ryan

Minnows Coordinator

After graduating from Lasell College with a bachelors degree in elementary education, Miss Kim joined PEDP in 1999.  Miss Kim loves leading the kids through science experiments at PEDP and delights in seeing their reaction when an experiment works… Or doesn’t!  During her time off, she enjoys reading, traveling, baking, astrology, and spending time with her husband, Mike, and 4-year-old son, Lucas.  Miss Kim hopes to one day open a bakery.


Laurie Pedzewick

Minnows Teacher

Early Birds Teacher

Ms. Laurie attended Flemming College (Florence, Italy) as well as UVM where she earned her degree in Arts & Science.  She has been a part of the PEDP team since 2007.  While at PEDP, Ms. Laurie enjoys playing both active and quiet games with her students.  She also recently introduced a role-playing game to the kids that encourages them to read aloud and stretch themselves creatively.  The kids really enjoy it!  When not with her PEDP family, she loves to visit her adult daughter, Risa, in Oakland, CA.  Ms. Laurie leads an active lifestyle with many different hobbies.  An avid outdoors woman, she enjoys skiing, tennis, swimming, walking, and biking.  She also likes to curl up with a good book, dance, play the piano and learn new games to share with the kids.  F.Y.I., she’s also a Words With Friends wiz!


Courtney Broaddus

Early Minnows Teacher

Barracudas Teacher

Miss Courtney is new to PEDP this year, she moved to Boston 3 years ago from Richmond, Virginia after studying Studio Art at James Madison University. She has a particular passion for photography and drawing. In her spare time, Miss Courtney enjoys reading fiction, being cozy in big sweaters, cooking/baking, playing boardgames with her boyfriend Nick and spoiling her beloved fluffy kitten Ragnar.


Sean O’Neill


Early Minnows Teacher

Sharks Teacher

Mr. Sean graduated from Eastern Connecticut State University. He is both a PEDP Early Minnows teacher as well as a Sharks teacher. He is devoted to his family as well as his favorite sports teams (“Go Sox!”). This will be Mr. Sean’s fifth year at PEDP where he is always eager to share his love of sports through games and activities with all the students. In his spare time, he coaches AAU baseball, enjoys working out at the gym and hanging with friends.


Deb Wyler

Minnows Teacher

This is Ms. Deb’s second year at PEDP. She will be teaching in the Minnows program as well helping in other classes as needed. Originally from Longmeadow MA, Ms. Deb was an English teacher in the Brookline Public Schools for over 20 years teaching grades 7 through 12.  She was also the Writing Center Director at Newton South High School.  Ms. Deb has also worked over twenty years at Miss Jeanie’s Catering and Events, a Newton based catering company, as a designer and event planner, and now chef and manager of the company.  The catering company began with many staff who were actually recruited from the Mason Rice After School Program!  She is also the proud mother of Sam and Anna, two graduates of the Ward School, Bigelow Middle School, and Newton North High School.  In addition to catering and teaching, Ms. Deb loves painting, working out, and spending time with her Portuguese Water Dog, Paco and her two cats, Scarlett O’Kitty, Maine Coon extraordinaire, and Jasper, the awesome Ragdoll cat.