Ms. Kathy

Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 10.50.31 AMProgram Director

Early Birds Teacher


Ms. Kathy has been a member of the PEDP team for the past 30 years, with this being her first job out of college. Coming to us from Boston College (Boston, MA) where she received her Masters in Education, Ms. Kathy also attended Connecticut College (New London, CT) where she earned her B.A as well as being a member of the crew team. Ms. Kathy grew up in the Chicago area. She also enjoys cooking, skiing, hiking, antiques, home improvement, visiting family, entertaining as well as gardening.  Ms. Kathy recently added her new Springer Spaniel puppy, Valentino, to her family. Ms. Kathy loves cooking, crafts and skiing with the kids here at PEDP.