PEDP November Newsletter 2017

From Kathy’s Desk,

It was great to see so many of you at our Magic Show last month! Sure, we adults found it a little corny but the kids sure loved it! Thanks for showing your support of the show and our bake sale following! Clearly, Miss Kim needs to bake more whoopee pies next time and Miss Joanne, there were not enough M&M bars to go around! : )

We have a lot planned for November…


Our theme this month will be Crafts for the Fair. Our Annual Holiday Craft Fair is fast approaching and the children and staff will be plenty busy making things for us to sell.


Adventurers Group: Tuesday, November 14th – Laser Quest in West Roxbury

Tuesday, November 28thLearning by Design, Boston Society of Architects

Explorers Group: Tuesday, November 7th – Ryan Family Amusements in Millis


We have a few spots left in our Ski/Snowboard program at Nashoba Valley! The deadline to sign up is this Friday! For those of you already enrolled, take note of the following important dates:

TU 11/14 @ 12:45 PM – Pre-fit for children who will be renting equipment through Nashoba Valley

TU 11/14 @ 5:15 PM – Mandatory meeting for all parents of children who have never done the Ski/Snowboard program with PEDP before

TU 1/2 – Ski/Snowboard program starts!


FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 10TH – We’re hosting a Wine Tasting for PEDP parents! We have partnered with VinodiVino for this fun event. We’ll have delicious finger foods to eat and some fabulous wines for tasting. To make it even better, you can drop your kids (K-5) off with us while you are at the event! We’ll feed the kids dinner and show a movie. They’ll also have time to play board games and such. Fun night out for you AND the kids!

MINNOWS MESSAGE from Kim Ryan, Minnows Coordinator

Early Minnows

Do you believe in magic?  After this month’s theme the Early Minnows do!  With wands, spells, dragons, wizard hats and more, how could they not?!  We say goodbye to magic and hello to Crafting for the Fair.  In December, we hold a craft fair for kids to do their holiday shopping.  During the month of November, we will be busy creating all the crafts to sell.  Not only is this a fun event but it is also a community service project.  We donate half the proceeds to a charity.  The Early Minnows made their way to Auburndale to get pumpkins.  Large and small pumpkins were chosen!  I hope some scary Jack-o-Lanterns are made—or maybe some pumpkin pie!

Late Minnows

The Late Minnows have been busy with our many activities.  Miss Laurie P and Miss Deb have been creating some amazing magic projects.  Have you seen the magic wands, potions, and satchels coming home?  Miss Courtney has been doing some fun monstrous mad libs during her story choice on Wednesdays.  Some of these are really funny!  On Mondays, I have been cooking.  We’ve made pumpkin pasta, acorn cookies, fall snack mix and a puking pumpkin chips and dip!  Next month, we will all be busy little fish preparing for our craft fair.

On Mondays during November, the Minnows will have clubs.  During clubs, each teacher has the same group of kids each week.  This gives time to either teach a new skill/game or do a project/activity that may not be able to be done normally because of time constraints.  Our clubs for November:

Miss Courtney- Photography

Miss Laurie P – Card games

Miss Nancy (our special guest for November) – Crafts for the Craft Fair

Miss Kim- Cake Decorating

Lots of fun to choose from!

The K/1 review is well underway and the Minnows involved are working hard to put on a good show!  If your child is part of the K/1 Review, please continue to practice with them at home.

Contact me anytime at with questions or concerns about your child or the Minnow Program.

BARRACUDA BUZZ from Joanne Malouf, Barracudas Coordinator

The Barracudas had a busy October.  The Thursday kids participated in clubs.  Carol created a Halloween puppet show with her group.  Dylan’s group looked at NFL player stats for their Fantasy Football club. My group created several different crafts to help decorate for Halloween.  The Barracudas also made some tasty dishes while cooking with Dylan.  Carol helped the kids create fabulous masks.  Laurie F had full groups each time drawing was offered and several of the Friday kids and I had a peaceful time painting with watercolors.  Next up:  crafting for the Holiday Craft Fair!  The Barracudas will be working on team building again this year.  The staff will plan some team building games and activities and will schedule them throughout the year.  We also plan to have some meeting discussions that revolve around respect.  We’ve noticed at times that the kids are having some trouble respecting each other and the staff, too.  We hope our discussions will help the kids be more aware of their actions and words when it comes to respect.

Explorers Trip Program – The Explorers had two trips this month!  The trip to Connor’s Farm was a lot of fun.  I really did think that my group wouldn’t make it out of the corn maze!  The kids loved bouncing on the huge jumping pillow.  Of course, the cider and cider donuts were a hit as always!  Last week we spent time exploring the many exhibits at the Ecotarium in Worcester.  One favorite was the wind chamber that made you feel like you were standing on top of Mt. Washington.  The wind started slowly and got all the way up to 78.9 mph.

Contact me anytime at with questions or concerns about your child or the Barracuda Program.   

SHARK TALES from Rachel Bastarache, Sharks Coordinator

October has been a very magical month for the Sharks. We have been busy creating spell books, magic wands, potions, and even dragon eggs. Also, there was some baking—yummy pies with Ms. Laurie D. The kids baked apple, blueberry and peach pies. Maybe they can try to bake them for your Thanksgiving dinners. The Adventurers will be going on a Haunted tour of downtown Boston this Tuesday, Oct. 31st. They are all encouraged to wear their costumes on the trip. They will have time to change into them after lunch before we leave.

Swimming into the month of November, the Sharks will be preparing for our annual Thanksgiving special event on Tuesday Nov. 21st. The 4th and 5th grade will be facing off to win the coveted Shark trophy. After the game, we will come together and give thanks while we enjoy a delicious snack. Also in November, we will be busy crafting for the fair and the Sharks will be choosing what areas they want to work at on the Crafts fair day. I think many of the kids love to work as much as they love to shop at the fair!

How’s homework going for your Shark? Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. You can email me any time at


  • We are looking for the following for some upcoming projects:
  • Green ribbon—any shade, any width, any pattern—for Miss Laurie D
  • Denim jeans—Miss Rachel needs the pockets!
  • T-shirts, any size or color—Mr. Sean is making dog toys
  • Clothespins—Miss Kim needs a lot!
  • Our next board meeting will be Monday, November 27th at 7:00 pm. Let me know if you are interested in attending so that I may give you the location.


Friday, November 10th (Veteran’s Day)

Wednesday, November 22nd is a 12:00 pm release day. PEDP is NOT open in the afternoon.

Thursday, November 23rd and Friday, November 24th (Thanksgiving)

Happy Raking!