PEDP Newsletter September 2017

On a hike with my dog Valentino earlier this summer, we came upon a turtle in the path.  Valentino was fascinated with this creature and after inspecting it from all sides, crouched down and barked, wanting it to play with him.  He didn’t care that it wasn’t a dog.  I wish this curiosity, inquisitive nature, and playful exploration for all of our children this year!

Our newsletters are one of the most important ways of communicating with you.  Read them regularly to keep abreast of our activities.  Blurbs from each of the three Coordinators will be included in the main newsletter each month.  Please note that if you gave us multiple e-mail addresses and would prefer not to get multiple copies of the newsletter and other notices, let me know which address to delete from our mailing list.  We welcome your feedback at any time. Send an e-mail, drop a note in the basket or my inbox, or stop in to see us!

Another great way to get info about upcoming events, classes, field trips, etc. is to look on our website,  Nancy keeps it up to date with all the latest information.

First and foremost, let me introduce our incredible staff!

Name Position Year at PEDP Program & Days
Rachel Bastarache Sharks Coordinator 16th Early Birds TH

Sharks M-F

Courtney Broaddus Teacher New! Early/Late Minnows M-F
Laurie Docknevich Teacher 2nd Sharks TU

Float M

Laurie Filreis Teacher 9th Barracudas TU

Float TH

Nancy Holly Administrative Asst.


5th Early Birds MWF Administration M-F
Dylan Kelley Teacher New! Barracudas M-F
Kathy Lynnes Executive Director 34th Administration M-F

Early Birds TUF

Joanne Malouf Asst. Director

Barracudas Coordinator

29th Early Birds MTH

Barracudas M-F

Sean O’Neill Teacher 5th (Early) Minnows MWTHF, Sharks M-F
Laurie Pedzewick Teacher 11th Early Birds W

(Late) Minnows M-F

Kim Ryan Minnows Coordinator 18th (Early) Minnows WTH

(Late) Minnows M-F

Deb Wyler Teacher 2nd Minnows TUW
Carol Yourman Teacher New! Barracudas M-F

We really value the experience our returning staff provide but also welcome the fresh perspective we gain from our new team members!  Please introduce yourselves to any staff members you don’t know and welcome back those you do!  We are all working hard to learn names.  Please excuse us if we ask you for a reminder!  When picking up, you should plan to have a photo ID with you in case you are asked by the staff.

All of our staff are (or will be shortly!) trained in First Aid as well as CPR.  In addition, several staff members have special training in Nonviolent Crisis Intervention and Youth Mental Health First Aid.  Most staff are also trained in Responsive Classroom.  All staff attend several hours of professional development throughout the year.

Gail Shaheen is the Program’s bookkeeper.  She works offsite but you’ll see her name on a lot of paperwork!

We have 138 children currently enrolled in the program and we have space for several more so if you know someone who might be interested, tell them to give me a call ASAP!

The Program’s Board of Directors for 2017-18 is listed below:

Manjiri Bhawalkar, Vice President

Maria Conroy, Secretary

Doug Cornelius, Member

Betsy Gomperz, Co-President

Carrie Lubitz, Member

Mike Minella, Treasurer

Allison Myers, Member

David Walsh, Co-President

Puja Vohra, Member

All parents are welcome to attend Board meetings held monthly in the evening.


After some brainstorming and lively discussion at a meeting this summer, the staff chose several themes which will be the focus of many activities throughout the year.  These planned activities help to make the Program interesting, educational, and fun.  During September, our theme will be The Rainforest.

Scheduled activities will end at 5:10 PM.  Children enjoy doing the activities so the best time for pick-up is 5:15 – 6:00 PM when activities are over.  Certainly, children can be picked up at any time, though.


We are planning trips for all fish groups this year.  Payment for trips may be made by cash or check—BEFORE the trip, please.  Chaperones are welcome on all of our trips so please let us know if you’d like to accompany the group at any time.

September 12th (Explorers—2/3 grade): Farmer’s Market, Cold Spring Park

September 19th (Adventurers—4/5 grade): Farmer’s Market, Cold Spring Park


Kids Cooking Green is one of the first classes to be offered.  Sharks will kick off the year with a 5-week program, and then we will be doing a 3-week program for Minnows and a 5-week program for Barracudas.  Registration is open right now for the SHARKS at  Another class available for Sharks only is Dollar Scholars.  Information about how to sign up for this terrific class will be e-mailed out this week.  Our Ski & Snowboard program at Nashoba Valley will be on Tuesdays beginning in January. Information for that will go out in early October. We are also planning to hold classes in Tennis and Coding.


Amazing Magic and Comedy!  That’s what we have in store for our families the evening of October 13th.  The Concert Style Show by Bonaparte is a one-hour Interactive Show featuring amazing magic, spontaneous humor and loads of audience participation.  More details to come but save the date!

MINNOWS MESSAGE from Kim Ryan, Minnows Coordinator

Welcome to the Minnows K and 1st grade families!!

Early Minnows:  The Early Minnows are the kindergartners that are at PEDP on MW or THF from 12:30-3:00 pm.  On MW (Group B) or on THF (Group A), the kindergarteners will be picked up at their classroom at 12:30 and then we will go to our assigned space and have lunch.  After lunch, there will be a free play time followed by meeting, project and then outside. If your child gets picked up at 3:00, they will be escorted to door #4, located on the driveway side of the school, where your pick-up person should be.  You MUST sign your child out and note the time on the clipboard provided.  If your child will be staying at PEDP they will be escorted to the auditorium where the Minnows meet.  Our Early Minnows teachers are Miss Courtney (MF), Mr. Sean (MWTHF) and me, Miss Kim (WTH).  Mr. Sean and I have worked with the early minnows for several years and we are happy to have Miss Courtney join us this year.  Please introduce yourselves!  We are all looking forward to a great year!

Late Minnows:  The Late Minnows are the K/1’s that attend PEDP MWTHF from 3:00 on and TU from 12:30 on.  These Minnows will be located in the Clubhouse, which is one of the cafes located at the bottom of the stairs.  All the groups rotate spaces and we will update you when we move to a new space.  The Late Minnows teachers are Miss Laurie P, Miss Courtney, Miss Deb and me, Miss Kim.  Miss Deb has moved from the Sharks to the Minnows and Miss Courtney is a new addition this year!  Please introduce yourself! We are very excited to get the year started!!    There is ample time for the Minnows to do their homework while at PEDP.  If you would like your child to do their homework, let one of us know and we will add them to our homework list.  We expect to learn, grow and most of all, have FUN!  Feel free to email me at with any questions or concerns.

BARRACUDA BUZZ from Joanne Malouf, Barracudas Coordinator

Welcome back, Barracuda families!  We are looking forward to a great year with the second and third graders.  The Barracuda staff has two new faces this year.  Carol Yourman and Dylan Kelley join me every day.  Laurie Filreis is back with us on Tuesdays.  The Barracudas will begin the year in the Treehouse! We move to the Greenhouse in January and will finish the school year in the Clubhouse.  Time for homework will be available every day.  Please make sure to discuss your homework expectations with your child.  The Barracuda staff will do their best to help the children with the completion of their work.  Last year’s Barracudas participated in several team building activities to help them see the value of working as a team and getting to know more about others.  We will be doing similar events again this year.  We look forward to a great year of activities, field trips and fun with the Barracudas!  You can e-mail me anytime at

SHARK TALES from Rachel Bastarache, Sharks Coordinator

Hello Shark families!  This year the Shark team is Ms. Laurie D, Mr. Sean and Ms. Rachel.  We are all excited to get this year started.  The Sharks will be starting the year in the Greenhouse before swimming to the Clubhouse in January and then finish our year in the Treehouse.  The Sharks will be hitting the ground running with a very full schedule, with upcoming fields trips, classes, and special events just to mention a few.  Keep an eye out for information about Kids Cooking Green and Dollar Scholars!  As we all settle back into the school mode, homework will soon be part of our everyday activities once again.  All Sharks do their homework after snack followed by choice time.  We strive to create a very productive safe space that all students feel they can grow and achieve success.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.  You can e-mail me anytime at


* All emergency forms and tuition payments are now overdue!  If yours are not in yet, please see me immediately.  Note that we charge a $25 late fee for all tuition payments that are over one week late.

* Please enter and exit the Program from our door (#4) on the side of the school.  We have the same security system installed as they do at the front door.  All people picking up will be required to be buzzed into the building by one of our staff members.  Due to the custodian’s cleaning schedule and also for security reasons, we will not be allowing children and parents to return to classrooms after 5:00.  If homework or other items are forgotten, they will have to be retrieved the following morning.  We will do our best to ask children if they have everything they need when they arrive.  It wouldn’t hurt to post a reminder checklist in your child’s locker.

* Remember to check your mail file daily. It is another way of communicating with you.

* Please do not drive up the driveway (no, not even part way) that leads to our entrance.  Children and staff are crossing this pavement constantly and their safety is at stake.  I realize it is not as convenient, but you need to park either on the north side of Temple Street or in the back parking lot when dropping off or picking up.

* The Early Birds program ($10 per day) and extra hours ($12 per hour) are available to all families when needed. Just ask!

* Please remember that you must notify PEDP whenever your child will not be attending for the day.  You may do this in person, by phone (617-332-5881), in writing, or via e-mail: .  There is a calling fee of $25 if the staff need to make phone calls to find out where your child is at attendance time.

* Please collect the following for us: Empty ink/toner cartridges.  These add up to extra cash for our Program!  Also, Laurie P is looking for used or unwanted CD’s for a project in late September.

* When shopping, please go through “Amazon Smile” and choose Peirce Extended Day Program as your chosen organization.  BOOKMARK IT!  Then every time you make a purchase, Amazon donates a percentage of it to us!  It’s so easy!

I know that this is a lot of information for you to absorb.  Trust me, your children are getting even more!  I promise that our newsletters going forward will not be so LONG!  If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to ask.  Again, welcome.  I look forward to meeting and talking with each of you and getting to know your children.

Saying goodbye to summer,