PEDP Newsletter October 2015

Football season is here! Yahoo! The crisp weather seems to have arrived overnight! It was great to see so many of you last week at our Family Movie Night! We hope to see you all at Curriculum Night tonight as well!

September was remarkably smooth considering our numbers this year. We are bigger than ever! Children and staff are starting to settle into routines. Please continue to introduce yourself to staff when dropping off or picking up. We are working hard to learn all your names!

We have a lot planned for October…


Our theme this month will be MONSTERS. We’ll be doing all sorts of crafts, projects, and games to try and make monsters less intimidating and not scary. I think we all remember the monster under the bed or hiding in the closet. Our monsters will be friendly : )


Minnows:  Thursday, October 8th – Capron Zoo in Attleboro. Cost is $20.

Explorers Group: Tuesday, October 6th – Connor’s Farm in Danvers.


Sharks: Kids Cooking Green will be starting October 13th! We still have a few spots left! This is going to be a fabulous program. The kids will have a cooking lesson/project each week, a field trip to the Newton Community Farm, a smoothie contest, and host a dinner party for some special guests with the help of local chef/owner, Michael Levitonof Lumiere Restaurant. What a terrific opportunity! Sign up at

Information will go out in a week or so about our Ski/Snowboard program at Nashoba Valley.

Please note that if your child is attending one of the Newton Community Education classes held here at Peirce, you must fill out a release form indicating that your child will be arriving at the Program late. Let us know and we can e-mail the form to you.


Drop the kids off with us and have a night out! We’ll be holding our first Parents Night Out on Friday, October 30th. Make your dinner reservations now! Information about how to sign up for this fun event will be sent out next week. We feed the kids dinner and show a movie. We also have a craft for them to do, time for them to play board games, nail painting and tattoos, etc.

MINNOWS MESSAGE from Kim Ryan, Minnows Coordinator

The first month is behind us and we have a lot coming up in October! The Minnows have been working hard to learn the routine and have been making lots of new friends! This month we learned a lot about space.  We made planets, constellations, aliens and a little Star Wars was even thrown in!  Our Monsters theme is a perfect way to lead up to Halloween. Don’t worry–we won’t scare any of the Minnows!

October also brings the beginning of the K/1 Review rehearsals.  Our show this year is “The Magic of Disney”. We have picked six Disney songs to perform with a little acting and maybe some dancing!  This is always a fun event!  The rehearsals start October 6th from 1:30-3:00 and run for 10 Tuesdays (not including December 1st).  The performance is scheduled for December 15th at 7pm.  There is still room to sign up! Let me know if your child is interested!

On October 8th(Early Release Thursday), the Minnows have their first field trip to Capron Zoo in Attleboro.  The cost is $20 and we will be back by 5:15pm.

Most 1st graders (and maybe some kindergartners) will start getting homework this week.  There is plenty of time at PEDP for them to work on it.  If you would like your child to do their homework while at PEDP, please let me know. I will add them to our homework list.  You can reach me at

BARRACUDA BUZZ from Joanne Malouf, Barracudas Coordinator

The Barracudas smoothly settled into their daily routine.  Though it was a hot start we enjoyed being outside enjoying the wonderful weather that September brought.  The SPACE AND OTHER WORLDS theme brought some great projects.  Chris’ science group learned about constellations and the Big Dipper and I made pompom aliens with the kids.  Laurie P. created colorful planets with CD rings around them.  They even glow in the dark! Rachel L. gave herself a quick refresher on gimp and had the kids busily stitching away.   Now I’m not the only one who knows how to do gimp!  The Barracuda homework routine has started slowly but I expect us to be in full swing as the Second graders begin to receive homework and the Third graders receive more.  Please feel free to contact me at with questions or concerns about your child or the Barracuda Program.

SHARK TALES from Rachel Bastarache, Sharks Coordinator

We have had some fantastic weather to kick off this new school year! The sharks have been getting plenty of outside time with Mr. Sean playing some intense flag football and kickball games. Inside we have been doing some out-of-this-world Space projects like creating our own planets, learning about shooting stars, and building flying saucers. As we swim into October, the fun will continue with our new theme. The Sharks will be doing monster craft projects with Miss Lenni and science projects where they will create their own slime monster with Miss Rachel. They will have a chance to cook up some fun with Mr. Sean. Also on the Shark agenda for October—on the early release date of the 8th we will be teaming up with the Barracudas to start crafting for our Annual Holiday Craft Fair (held in December). Another fun event will be on October 27th. The Sharks will be having a Halloween Spooktackular! Details will be coming in a few weeks. Wow sounds like Sharks are in for a great October! Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns, email me any time at


Needed for projects:

– Holiday cards (Give to Kathy)

– 1-liter bottles (Give to Lenni)

– Clear (not opaque white) gallon milk/juice jugs (Give to Nancy)

– Clean glass jars with lids, such as jam or pasta jars. We can also use baby food jars.

– Shoebox lids (Give to Laurie P)

* The Early Birds program ($9 per day) and extra hours ($11 per hour) are available to all families when needed. Just ask!

* Please remember that you must notify PEDP whenever your child will not be attending for the day. You may do this in person, by phone (617-332-5881), in writing, or via e-mail: There is a calling fee of $25 if the staff need to make phone calls to find out where your child is at attendance time.


Happy Pumpkin Carving,